US Government Drives Toward War With Russia


Paul Craig Roberts

13 janvier 2016

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The arrogant stupidity of the US government is driving the West into war with Russia.

NATO members are enabling the drive toward war, and some of the more stupid ones such as Poland are egging on the momentum toward war.

Russia is building up its forces in response to NATO’s buildup on Russia’s borders. On January 3rd, 2016, the commander of Russian Airborne Troops, Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, said that the airborne divisions will be strenthened with six tank divisions, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and two divisions of electronic warfare.

The superior capability of Russian conventional forces means that once Washington starts the war, Washington will be forced into the use of nuclear weapons in order to avoid defeat.

The crazed American government is bringing the world to its end.

Russia Is Preparing a Military Response to the Expansion of NATO

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