Tangled Web in the East Goutha; Ghouta has got the Neocon Goat

Ziad Fadel
Syrian Perspective
February 28th, 2018
Source : https://www.syrianperspective.com/2018/02/tangled-web-in-the-east-ghouta-ghouta-has-got-the-neocon-goat.html

The Western Media is going berserk over the situation in the Eastern Ghouta.  The propaganda is reaching a shrill crescendo indicating hysterics.  Or, more likely, it is coordinated to prepare public opinion for a more obscene type of Western response to staged propaganda endemic to any area where the so-called “White Helmets” are found.  No Western media reports are coming out of ‘Afreen which is being bombarded daily by America’s allies, the Turks.  No, it’s only the Ghouta where America’s and NATO’s terrorist allies are facing annihilation.  Little or no information is being published decrying the Saudi-inspired carnage in Yemen.
It is obvious that the Tiger Forces will not be unleashed until the terrorist groups, Alqaeda, Hay’at Tahreer Al-Shaam, Jaysh Al-Islam, Faylaq Al-Rahmaan and others who are not included in the cease fire brokered by Moscow, have been pounded into a fugue state.  Maj. Gen. Suhayl Al-Hassan has reportedly been depressed by Dr. Assad’s unwillingness to commit to total victory in Ghouta – some sources claiming he was greeted with much affection by the president but was told to hold back until the “political” atmosphere improved.  Actually, none of that is true.  General Al-Hassan has been given wide latitude in deciding when to make the big push, and, he has evidently opted to continue the softening process in order to conserve his own assets and the lives of his men.  More importantly, General Al-Hassan has to take into account the lives of innocent civilians who are now being put in cages to be used as human shields.  Muhammad ‘Alloosh, a war criminal par excellence, has ordered his apes to build a thousand cages to stop the air assault.
Based on information I have gleaned from my sources, the assault has begun as a probing maneuver to test the defenses of the entrenched rats. Some western sources have estimated the number of rodents inside the Ghouta to be in the thousands with many having gained substantial skill in terrorizing the population.  Other sources put the number of vermin at just below one thousand.  My source cannot give out the number but says it is very “manageable”. Whatever the case, if the defensive lines are as weak as they appear and the arsenal at the disposal of the rodents has been depleted with little opportunity for rearming due to the fact that the Ghouta is now surrounded, then, in that case, the operation should last only a few weeks due to the presence of around 400,000 civilians.
From the responses to many of the MSM articles, it is clear nobody believes the Western-Zionist narrative.  Almost everyone writing comments accuse the MSM of disseminating pure propaganda.  Judging also from the number of comments to articles about Syria and contrasting them to the number of comments on other subjects more germane to American domestic politics, it can be concluded that very few people are following the events in Syria.  What I am getting at is that the MSM has failed miserably in rousting the Western public from its languor. It is apparent Syria does not have the same attraction as the Super Bowl or Florida massacres.
Muhammad ‘Alloosh knows he has no place to go but Hell.  Like, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, his footsteps are sullied with the blood of thousands of innocent civilians and government soldiers.  Once dead, both will enter the oblivion they richly deserve; and as time goes by, they might get the suspicion that Allah is not on their side – and that, maybe, just maybe, the fiery Hades promised to temporal sinners in the Qur’an could be expanded to accommodate them and their minions.
The T-72 tanks are revving up and preparing to move very soon in what will be a slow, step-by-step, invasion designed to conserve the lives of soldiers and civilians.  The Saraab 2 anti-TOW toppling device is much-improved rendering the American-manufactured anti-armor platform useless against tanks of the Tiger Forces.  Syrian soldiers are battle-hardened and superbly trained by the terrain over which they have bobbed for close to seven years.  This is the time of reckoning when the cannibals infesting the Ghouta must start to write their farewell letters to their noisome relatives in Chechnya, Sinkiang or Albania or any of the other nations that produced them – United States, France,  Britain, Germany or Saudi Arabia, inter alia.
The Zionist Apartheid State, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, England and Kuwait, are horrified at the possibility of losing the Ghouta to the government.  Once the Ghouta is freed from the stench of Wahhabist chimpanzees, the Syrian Army, now over a half million strong (if you count in the militias) will be freed up to deal with Idlib and put to death the plans of Bandar bin Sultaan whose is head is literally ripe for the plucking.  The United States is clearly on board and is joining in the clamor and clangor to upset Syria’s plans to extirpate the terrorist menace.  Why?
Because Russia and Iran have won.  For Iran, it is the gas pipeline, the Fatimid Crescent and the unimpeded access to Hizbollah and Palestine.  For Russia, it’s the dream of a port on the Mediterranean and the airbase at Humaymeem.  Despite decades of Syrian loyalty to Moscow, never has there been a Syrian government willing to lease a port and a land base for one hundred years.  America’s failure to blunt the growth of this new alliance:  Russia, Iran, Iraq, China, Syria and Lebanon is hanging around the neo-con heads like an albatross….. or dangling over them like the Sword of Damocles.  Zionists are united in pursuing a policy of complete hopelessness in order to assuage their own hurt feelings.  They simply will not accept their own failures and are determined to bully the CIA into another miserable foreign adventure.
Unable to stir the passions of the American public into supporting another foreign war, they have resolved to use the media as a substitute for the noisy demonstrations of which they fantasized in order to urge military action to stop the inevitable rise of the new alliance.  With failure after failure, we can only assume that the terrorists of Al-Ghouta are numbered.

Ziad Fadel Attorney for 33 years and Supreme Court Certified Interpreter for Arabic/English. Editor in Chief at Syrian Perspective.

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